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What Is The SaverTooth ?

When faced with construction related obstacles and challenges, we are required to work safely or face the consequences of shortcuts. Pure Evolutions takes great pleasure in introducing the SaverTooth™, which is the newest weapon in the fight against workplace injuries. The SaverTooth™ is designed to attach to scaffolding, handrailing, or structures that are similar in shape and dimensions, to provide a secure surface so a worker may carry out tasks such as cutting, drilling, or sanding. The SaverTooth™ allows a worker to set an ergonomically correct position, by allowing infinite height possibilities and taking the strain off of the back and knees. It can also be maneuvered to any position within a 360° radius to access all angles of the material on which the work is being performed.

Benefits of The Savertooth

  • Improving worker confidence while focusing on the task rather than hand placement
  • Cutting down compensation claims by reducing back strain and traumatic injuries
  • Following tool manufacturer instructions by securing work and keeping both hands on tools that require one to do so, which is proven to reduce injuries
  • Lowering reworking costs and improving work quality
  • Minimizing time wasted while trying to “wedge” materials to perform cuts
  • Reducing the potential to damage tools as well as customer property
  • Secure a small sheet of plywood to create an ergonomically friendly work station and place to set your tools

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